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Why this book matters to children

This book is meant to exhort children to cherish life in both the good and bad times of life. It is a story of how a puppy loses her good friend the pony and becomes very despondent. 

She even considers jumping in the big river and going over the waterfall. Fortunately, a kind and wise old owl helps her regain life-sustaining hope. She is also befriended by an elderly Clydesdale horse. In time, the puppy regains joy in her life. 

The story ends when she is an old dog reflecting on her wonderful life and the value of 

cherishing life each day.

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About Dr. Hunt and M2E Motivational Consulting

Dr. Patrick Hunt is a Veteran of the US Army – a Captain. He retired after a forty-year career as an agricultural scientist.  There he published more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers. He is a Fellow of four scientific societies. 

While Pat is an avid golfer, his greatest joy is being a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. The children in his life have enjoyed his imaginative stories. Now Pat’s stories can enrich the lives your children.

Dr. Patrick Hunt